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I'm very tall.  Several years ago I bought a Schwinn Sports Tourer that was 69cm on the seat post tube.  That is 27 inches and I still clear the top bar of this bicycle fairly well.  This bicycle has turned out to be the best fitting of bicycles.  Plenty of room in the cockpit, seatpost is not out a jillion miles and with its throwback 27x1 1/4 wheels looks good with my size.  In fact I have become a real fan of the 27 x 1 1/4 inch wheelset and tires.  I've been downsizing my fleet for several years and have another bike that will leaving soon. which leaves me with 3 bicycles.  A definite lowpoint of ownerage but I'm feeling good about it.  So cruising the local Craigslist, bikes I find a nice 1980's Cr-Mo Univega with the 69cm frame size  with the 27x1 1/4 inch wheels I so dearly love.  Wow now all of a sudden I feel I'm looking for a new project and this bike fills the bill.  I've been resisting but like fasting you just get hungrier.  AAaaargh, being human is such a burden at times.

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Yeah, I know that feeling well. I have nine bikes and have been resisting the urge with painful success. Hopefully I will be able to (gasp!) reduce that number soon.

I can understand, at your height the difficulty of finding tall enough frames. With that in mind, I say buy that Univega NOW before you squander the money on something foolish like food, shelter or clothing.
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