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This is "Celeste", my Bianchi Sport SX. She is my lightest, fastest bike - which I thought would come in handy if I didn't make it home before those dark clouds let loose on us.

We enjoyed a nice mixed-surface ride this morning. Even with those skinny 700c x 28s, she handles hard-packed gravel just fine.

I'm lucky to have all these wonderful trails so close to home.

And we have some nice, quiet roads that wind through the park as well.

I'm posting this from my attic, where I can hear the rain pattering on the roof as I type this. It was a good idea to get out there this morning. Now I can just relax indoors for the rest of the day with happy legs.

Rouler pour la joie, jamais pour la douleur.

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X I like your road/gravel all rounder Bianchi.  I own a 27" x 1 1/4" 1981 Schwinn Sports Tourer.  They were made in the Orient that year.  I gingerly started riding this bike on a dirt road near my house and much to my surprise those old 27 x 1 1/4 wheels and tires worked just fine.  Like yours my bike is a road bike never meant to be ridden hard in the dirt, so I don't.  But it covers the dirt miles real well.  1 1/4 inch equals 32mm roughly.  I'm running Schwalbe Marathon Plus e rated tires.  These tires are seemingly bullet proof.  Bike has been repainted and all new chain, rear cassette, cranks, sprockets all on V.O. high flange hubs.  The rear Deore Mtn Shadow derailleur is run by an ancient pair of Mtn friction shifters up on the handlebars.  I now have a V.O. imitation B67 saddle on her.  This bike is my lightest and fastest upright bicycle.  I use this bike on 10 to 20 mile rides all the time.  That frame is 27 inches on the seatpost. Still running the original great shifting Sugino front derailleur on 10 speed chain.  Bike has 20 speeds.2016-05-05 13.12.22.jpg    Schwinn Sport Tourer before cassette rear.jpg 
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