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I've just picked up what I think is a 1971 Raleigh Super Course (531 main tube frame, Nervar lugs, cottered crank) that is in reasonable shape, but has light green touch-ups on a bronze-green frame. That's a bit garish to qualify as "beausage".

I want to go over those with something that is a closer match. Has anyone here found a suitable paint for this?

Plans for this bike include a 700c Sturmey Archer AW drivetrain, compound curve bamboo fenders, Tektro R559 brakes, upright handlebar setup... well, basically I am going to take all the bits off of this:

... and turn it into a sort of British Tropical Colonies Tourer.

Also, does anyone know when Raleigh went from their own 26 tpi threads to 24 tpi ISO standard on the bottom brackets?

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I can fix the paint for you, simply send the bike to me and you will never have to worry about the paint again!😇

I think that you can measure the bottom bracket, if it measures 71mm, it is most likely Raleigh funky threads on the cups.
Also for more than just me guessing, I would consult St Sheldon. His vintage Raleigh page is the place for accurate data, also his old bottom bracket database may have the data. I saved a lower quality Raleigh one time that had British cups that were pitted and galled by taking standard cups and carefully forcing the threads, it worked fine if I used an iitialian spindle. A standard spindle for a 68 bracket is too narrow and a 72 is too wide.

I would love to find a nice old Raleigh 10 speed, I have had several but mostly of the “bike Boom” quality.

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