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IMG_1767.jpg Rice ship at Port of Sacramento, which is actually in West Sacramento, loading supersacks of rice to shipped overseas.  These ships come in year round and load up.  They use the ship deck cranes to load the supersacks. IMG_1770.jpg                               One of the reasons I use this dirt road is this wild beast who needs his daily run.  I attach a strap from my seat to his harness.  I follow the rule of not having a longer  strap that allows him to get in front of my steering wheel.                                                                                                                                              This last photo shows the other ship in port right now.  It is unloading dry powder concrete.  Ever since the Oroville dam spillway failed they have been hauling concrete into this port non-stop.  They use two huge vacuum machines that they drive up and down the dock.  Incredible. IMG_1773.jpg 
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